The Great Example of 2014 was created to help you craft your DisasterWiki. In your own wiki, you will include a brief factual introduction to your Disaster with links to geographical features, relevant individuals , and institutions , and important concepts . This portion of the wiki should be roughly a paragraph. You will cite the sources here. I have not found an easy way to cite appropriately in the wiki module. To get around this, write your entry in MSWord, cite properly, then cut and past into your Wiki. You can think of this introductory paragraph as a more interactive, hyperlinked version of a paper that you'd write for class. 

After you have laid out the skeletal facts of your disaster, you will put forth your thesis. The Great Example of 2014 reflected the ardent desire of UVA faculty to teach students critical thinking in a way that was immediately relevant to their lives. Students' livelong engagement with sources--in the digital and physical worlds--was the most enduring legacy of the Great Example. 


  1. History
  2. The Great Example of 2014
  3. Aftermath
  4. Popular Culture
  5. Controversy 



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